Daytona Big Block SRL, 50'

Daytona Big Block SRL, 50' Daytona Big Block SRL w/ Nylon Housing & Shock Pack The Guardian Fall Protection Daytona Big Block SRL is available in both 50 and 65 foot models, as well as with a variety of connector component options. The entire Daytona is built with quality and care, from its ergonomic handle, to its special coated and heat treated brake pawl bolts, to its grade 8/impervious to salt water contamination assembly. The proprietary ABS housing is also reinforced with an inner brace for even more durability, and all critical parts are machined and void of any plastic components. From functionality, to durability, to affordability, the Daytona Big Block is truly one of the highest-quality SRLs on the market. FEATURES: Easy to carry Proprietary ABS reinforced housing High strength composite cable guide Stainless steel & non-corrosive components Quick-action braking system
Compliance & Notes
Meets or exceeds all applicable OSHA and ANSI regulations 
Item #
Guardian Fall 
Guardian f01056

Volume prices available:
$832.30 when buying 1 - 3
$790.68 when buying 4 - 7
$769.88 when buying 8 - 15
$749.07 when buying 16 - 31
$728.26 when buying 32 - 63
$707.46 when buying 64 or greater