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Ridmax g18002

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Ridmax g18002
Item #: G18002
Rid-Max Fly Trap, green cylinder 7" x 7.5"; metal legs extend 3" from bottom. The Rid-Max Fly Trap is a patented, environmentally safe insect trap....
Sterling g18004
Item #: G18004
Reusable Fly Trap, fly trap jar with lid and attractant What it catches: This trap catches hundreds of species of common nuisance or filth flies. T...
Sterling g18007
Item #: G18007
Reusable Yellowjacket Trap, Yellow What it catches: Roughly a dozen species of yellowjackets throughout North America are known to bite and sting p...
Item #: G18005
Replacement attractant for Rescue Fly Trap, 3/pkg Model FTA-DB18
Item #: G18008
Replacement attractant cartridge for Reusable Yellowjacket Trap Model YJTC-DB9