Graco GrindLazer Scarifiers


Graco Scarifier Exclusive Features:
• Vibration Reduction Technology - Pneumatic air-filled tires, comfort grips, LineLazer-like cart design combine to eliminate vibration reducing user fatigue.
• DialDown Depth Control System - "Forward Cut" precise cutting depth with multiple position depth control.
• Heavy-Duty ProStart System - Centrifugal clutch allows easy starting and shut off of cutters. Also makes it easy to start in cold weather, eliminates broken recoils and provides longer belt life.
• Fat Track Front Swivel Wheel - Proven front caster wheel system makes turning fast and easy, maneuver curves better, no need to “muscle” it while moving.
• TriBelt Drive System - 3-cog belt design optimizes power transfer and maximum load handling to vertually eliminate costly downtime.
• EasyGlide Wheel Mount System - Front mounted caster along with dual rear pneumatic air-filled tires makes handling safe and easy to maneuver as a LineLazer.

Item# & Description Model Price Quantity Volume Prices
Item #: M08003
Graco LineDriver HD Ride-On System, 6.5 HP 200 CC Honda GX Engine, Max 10 MPH (Forward), Max 6 MPH (Reverse), ProStart Engine Starting System, Fuel...
Linedriver hitch
Item #: M08048
Graco LineDriver HD Ride-On System Hitch Kit, 245321, 2" Ball Hitch Kit Attaches to LineLazers, ThermoLazers and GrindLazers.
Item #: M08141
Graco GrindLazer 390 Scarifier, Bare Tool (Cutter Assembly Sold Separately), 13.0HP Honda GX Engine, Max 10" Cut Width, DialDown Depth Control, Max...
Item #: M08202
Graco GrindLazer 270 Scarifier, Bare Tool (Cutter Assembly Sold Separately), 9.0HP Honda GX Engine, Max 8" Cut Width, DialDown Depth Control, Max R...
Item #: M08201
Graco GrindLazer 270 Scarifier with 8" 8pt FullCut Tungsten Carbide Cutters, 9.0HP Honda GX Engine, 8" Cut Width, DialDown Depth Control, Max Remov...
Item #: M08204
Graco GrindLazer 390 Scarifier with 10" 8pt FullCut Tungsten Carbide Cutter Assembly, 13.0HP Honda GX Engine, 10" Cut Width, DialDown Depth Control...