DR46 Motorcycle Attenuator

Dr46 sq

DR46® Motorcycle Barrier Attenuator (MBA)

The DR46 MBA is designed to attach to standard roadside guardrail to protect errant motorcyclists from the guardrail post during a fall or collision. The use of The DR46 MBA under guardrail reduces the risk of the motorcyclist impacting dangerous guardrail posts.

The DR46 MBA is easy to install with a simple connection to existing guardrail posts. It can greatly decrease the injury and fatality rates of motorcycle guardrail accidents without
interfering with guardrail performance. The DR46 Motorcycle Barrier Attenuator is a physically flexible system that can follow
radius curves as tight as 50' [15 m].


The DR46 MBA has been successfully utilized in Europe through Snoline S.P.A. (a Division of Lindsay Transportation Solutions), with the support of Politecnico of Milan and the Italian motorcyclist associations.

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