FLIR VP50 NC Voltage Detector with Flashlight

FLIR VP50 Non-Contact Voltage Detector + Worklight, Rugged, Waterproof, CAT IV-Rated, and Light at the Ready. The FLIR VP50 is a tough, CAT IV-rated Non-Contact Voltage Detector featuring a combination of alerts – tactile vibration and red LED alarms, a powerful LED flashlight, and versatile voltage sensitivities. We engineered the FLIR VP50 to reliably detect voltages on the latest tamperproof outlets and electrical systems installed using modern construction methods. Enhanced Detection: Uses a low-profile probe tip that gets the sensor closer to electrical sources and enhanced sensitivity to help detect voltage in the latest safety outlets. Powerful Worklights: Intense (60-lumen) LED light source illuminates dimly lit locations – dual-LED convenience light at the probe tip lights up inspection targets. Tactile Alarms: Multi-color flashing LEDs and vibration alarms make it harder to miss the presence of voltage (up to 1000V) in noisy environments. High/Low Sensitivity: Detect voltage in electrical systems in large industrial facilities, residential low voltage installations, and systems located behind obstructions (using High Sensitivity mode). Intelligent Design: Anti-roll case design and extruded grip reduces likelihood of drops, and features such as delayed start up, auto power off, and low battery indicator maximize battery life. Rugged & Durable: Robust battery door and pocket clip design is engineered for long product life cycles, and the low profile detection tip bolsters a common weak point. Technical Summary: Voltage Ranges 90 to 1000 V, 24 to 1000 V. Detection Distance 0 to 5 cm (2 in). Category Rating CAT IV-1000 V. Frequency Range 45 - 65 Hz. Built-in Worklight Torch, Vibrating Indication and On/Off Switch. Certifications UL, CE.
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