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Since 1973, Safety Systems Hawaii has supplied safety and traffic control equipment that are in use all over the state of Hawaii and beyond. There is no need to buy online if you don't want to! You can also call us at 808-847-4017, fax your order to us at 808-842-1233, email us directly or just pop in and visit! With so much in stock, you can stop in on your way to the project and grab that harness or glove you need!

We encourage our customers and visitors to use our website for research on any of our products, services and other safety information. We provide thorough information including excerpts of regulations, specifications and laws that pertain to many of our products. This is here for YOU, our customers, to be fully informed on what you need to stay in compliance.

We accept bids for large projects and jobs all the time. We are not limited in our scope of business. You may submit a web inquiry (click here) or call us to meet and discuss your overall project. Don't see what you need? No problem! Our exclusive relationships with several of our vendors allows us to bring in your requested products - we may even decide to keep it in stock!