In Pavement LED Lights

Blinkerbeam1 s

In-pavement markers produce a bright, daytime-visible light focused directly in the driver’s line of sight, clearly indicating an active crosswalk. This requires no interpretation by the driver and the increased visibility results in enhanced safety. The LED markers emit 1.6 million candela/m2 - by far the highest light output of any in-road light module available for true daytime visibility.

In-pavement markers minimize traffic flow disruption, unlike standard traffic signals, allowing drivers to proceed as soon as the pedestrian has made the crossing. They are ideal for mid-block locations, and can be integrated with BlinkerSign® LED Signs or used as stand-alone equipment.

The Safe Routes to School program has been used to fund a number of projects, with funding available from state, federal, and private sectors. Information on how to provide funding is accessible on the Safe Routes to School website.

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