Guardrail Reflectors


In low light and poor weather conditions, guardrails can practically disappear causing hazardous driving conditions. As noted in 2009 MUTCD, Section 3F:04:

"When needed for special conditions, delineators of the appropriate color may be mounted in closely-spaced manner on the face of or on the top of guardrails or other longitudinal barriers to form a continuous or nearly continuous delineation."
Reflective guardrail markers create bright delineation, creating safer roads and safer driving conditions. Typical applications include: W-beams, box beams, wood guardrail posts, I-beam guardrail posts, bridge approaches, hills, curves, gores, off-ramps and wrong way areas. Four grades of reflective sheeting available: AR 1000, Diamond grade, High intensity and engineering grade. Reflective sheeting can be applied to both sides.

Easy installation bolt-on or factory applied high-tack Butyl pad for "peel and stick" installations. Highly durable for both work zone use and permanent installations

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